Red Bull & pretzel pancakes.

red bull pretzel pancakes.

 We have a hobby on the road of mixing totally unrelated road snacks into strange combos and concoctions. It is a great way to pass the time the the resources available to you. So fast forward . . . and a couple of days ago i found myself in an exchange with @zappos on twitter. These guys live a very interesting and exciting lifestyle strangely similar to ours. @zappos had posted that he found himself left with no other options for breakfast other than red bull and slim jim. I identified, having been in the exact same situation many times. On one of those occasions we discovered that red bull and rolled gold pretzels when combined in your mouth tasted exactly like pancakes. So I shared this secret recipe with @zappos. They didn’t quite follow the recipe and did not have quite as enlightening of an experience as we did. but they did document for all to see. Go here to see what they did.  A couple of years ago I had drinks with the creative director from red bull. I told him about our discovery. He immediately sent for some rolled gold pretzels (at 3 am at a party in NYC) pretty much made the party. Look for some pancake flavored, cross branded rolled gold, red bull breakfast cereal in the near future. 

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