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Hey friends! it’s, me, Mike!

Well it’s not looking too good for today but possibly tomorrow I will be able to get my pants buttoned back up. Thanks Mom and Kara for all the great grub this weekend.  I may try eating again sometime next week.  My surprise favorite dish this year: baked potato salad. Like potato salad you might enjoy at a July 4th picnic but not at all. It’s baked potatoes cut up in chunks with sour cream, bacon bits, and cheese. YUM. Anyway, moving on from the food topic as I am feeling a little queasy… (my brain is still telling my stomach to reject anything that gets close to my mouth)…

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebrations with friends and family. I would like to invite you to enjoy New Years Eve with me…and the fellas…at Hotel Pattee.  It promises to be a fun, intimate night of music and merriment.  (NOTE: Nada Enterprise, llc and its parent companies Ben and Jerry’s and NASA are not responsible for any promises made by blah blah writers) We have tickets left but not a ton.  You can get yours via Tikly right now at the following link:

In other news we may or may not be going to New York City to play the post pep rally party provided by people for the promotion of Iowa State University.  More on that to come.  PS I made up the name of the event. (PPRPPPPISU is not responsible for names named in any blah blah or other publication by its parent newsletter The New England Journal of Medicine)

Please button up those pants and join us this Saturday to ring in the New Year!

Love and 2012,

The Nadas



Can you please send me your favorite holiday recipe?  (see how I made that a question?)

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