Blah Blah #110111

Hey y’all – Happy No Shave November. Welcome to this week’s Blah Blah. Jason here. I have to admit I have around a one month jump on my facial hair growth, but it does feel good to be justified in my disheveled scruffiness.  I will be cultivating my beard until mustache March. I encourage you to do the same and feel free to share your progress with me. Let’s work together. This week we are headed west to the Rockies (where facial hair is always “in”) for two shows. Friday night at the Bluebird Theater for the adults and one Saturday in Golden for the kids. Tickets for both shows are available via Tikly! Get your tickets in advance here: & here: . The band is headed home Saturday after the kids show, but I am sticking around for hopefully two solo shows. I was booked at the Ghost Ranch on Saturday night, but I was informed yesterday that the Ghost Ranch is temporarily closing its doors, so I am currently scrambling to find another place to play in Colorado on Saturday night. If you have any ideas, or a living room, email me at Sunday night I am returning to Steve’s Guitars in Carbondale Colorado. Learn more about Steve’s Guitars here:

For those of you following my side project “The Lamplighters”. We are playing our November show at the Gas Lamp in Des Moines this Wednesday November 2nd.  In general, we are trying to start our lamplighters shows fairly early on Wednesdays, however this week we will be starting a bit later. Our friend William Elliott Whitmore is playing at Peoples earlier in the night so we are going to bill our show as the unofficial official after-party. Whether you make it to the WEW or not we are hoping you can join us at the Gas Lamp.

I just realized it may have seemed like I left the ladies out in my No Shave November banter at the beginning of my message. Sorry girls. I encourage you to embrace the same freedom. Go for it!


Love and Stubble,

The Nadas


QOTW – What is the longest you have ever gone without shaving?

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