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Happy Valentines Day from Mike B and the Nadas!!

What a wonderful holiday. This is easily my favorite holiday of the year.  Hands down, no question.  Every year I travel to Saint Valentine’s tomb on the Via Flaminia just north of Rome to pay homage to one of history’s greatest men…

OK. really I could give two shoots about VD (as we call it around here) but hope you celebrate and/or find love today.  What I really do like about Valentine’s is that it’s a wonderful opportunity to stock up on romantic cards for the rest of the year. Nothing says “happy birthday” to your little brother like an opening line of “My love runs so deep for you that when I picture your face I weep.” or imagine your mother-in-law’s face on her anniversary when she opens her card from you  ”I love you so much I want to kiss you all over your face until its so slobbery you have to shower.”  (I submitted that one to Hallmark and they passed for some reason).  Seriously, it’s really funny. You should do it but wait until tomorrow so the cards are 50% off.

We are excited about getting back out and playing some shows. Jason and I will be heading to Colorado to play Denver and Steamboat this weekend.

Thursday night, Jason will be playing a solo show at Lincoln’s Road House in Denver.

Friday night we will both be at Swallow Hill in Denver! Limited number of tickets available via our friends at Tikly.

Saturday night at the Art Depot is Steamboat Springs: The Nadas Unplugged. $10 at the door, doors at 7 pm, show at 7:30 pm

And also!! Des Moines

We start tomorrow with a new concert series at the University Library at 35th and University in the Drake Neighborhood! Jason and I will be playing every Wednesday for a series we are calling “The Nadas Book Club.”

Here’s the 911:

Who: The Nadas Duo

What: The Nadas Book Club

When: Every Wednesday

Where: The University Library

Why: Fun

Be sure to ask them about the Nachos.

All kidding aside, have a great day today and show someone how much you love them if they let you.


Love and Love and more Love,

The Nadas

QOTW:  What is your worst Valentine’s Day experience?

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